Reimagining institutionalisation  in favour of corporate trends that prioritise emotional intelligence, societal relational capabilities and competencies that are in demand for the healthy functioning of our communities.


Our Ubuntu Advisory Division leverages the Letsema Process to help partners build strong relationships with key members of the community, tapping into people’s cultural and spiritual heritage as part of the invitation to the table from a position of mutual respect and recognition.  The Division supports the co-creation of company-level transformation aligned programmes with a focus on embedding Ubuntu in the following aspects:

  • Business leadership and executive teams’ engagement.    

  • Senior management and business function support.   

  • Policy, compliance and systems change management: aligning and driving inclusive outcomes (i.e. Codes of Good Practice as enablers for transformation). 

    • Socio-Economic Development

    • Enterprise and Supplier Development

    • Skills Development

  • Corporate Affairs / Stakeholder Relations

    • Impact advisory strategies & active citizenry coordination.   

  • Baseline monitoring of existing frameworks and their evolution (M&E).     

1. Internal Support (Client/Partner)

  • Stakeholder priority identification and alignment using the Letsema Process. 

  • Project engagement facilitation planning, and collaborative management (new or existing projects.)

  • Workshops and stakeholder convening for initiatives crafting and/or co-inspirational alignment.

  • Community intermediary services / internal and external stakeholder liaison.

  • Internal and external impact funds strategy optimisation

2. External  Support (Strategic Stakeholder)

3. Ubuntu Masterclass

  • Offerings Package Crafted for Business Schools. Leadership and capacity development program designed in partnership with Academic institutions to craft inclusive dynamic programs that help leaders solve problems in meaningful ways.

4. Ubuntu Masterclass Junior 

  • Workshop crafted for Primary School Learners to educate young pupils on the values and benefits of building inclusive non-discriminatory relationships with their peers.


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Accelerating Social Housing in South Africa WORKSHOP 2019

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Reimagining inclusive social housing:  interviews from the field.


Accelerating Social Housing in South Africa WEBINAR 2020

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Accelerating Social Housing SMME View PODCAST