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Reimagining the way we relate to each other
- and ourselves, remembering our humanity in daily business and personal exchanges.  


 Founded in 2016 ReimagineSA seeks to rebuild and revitalise our societal aspirations, focusing on three of the main pillars as enjoined in the preamble of the Constitution of South Africa: emotional, political and economic.


 A just, diverse nation, whose courage to heal together forges an indestructible collective bond. This formidable connection helps South Africans to meet each challenge as an opportunity.  With a better understanding of one another - and our relationship to the natural world, future generations thrive and evolve through the power of our collective humanity. 


  • Re-couple the nation’s emotional wellbeing with its policy and economic development processes.

  • Unlock and spotlight the talents and energies of all South Africans so that our socio-economic system becomes an inclusive showcase of our individual and collective abilities.

  • Raise citizen consciousness by rooting all engagements in the principles of Ubuntu, and catalysing models for inclusive and cooperative governance.


Reimagine SA taps into the rich cultural heritage of The Letsema Process to enable the mobilisation of individuals to collectively find solutions to common problems.


Rooted in local traditional practices, The Letsema Process is a powerful conversational tool passed down from our common heritage. Letsema convenes circles of people to engage in face-to-face encounters in a level, inclusive setting where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. 


The Process was revived in 2010 to facilitate conversations that promote the Dinokeng scenario of Walking Together (active citizen engagement with a government that is effective and that listens).  Devoid of hierarchy, these spaces are designed to foster strength and enable persons to gauge one another’s needs, understand,  and empathise with one another’s discomfort during the conversational process..


Co-founder Dr Mamphela Ramphele explains the link between Ubuntu and Letsema in our work: 



1. Co-discover

Meeting with key community stakeholders to listen, learn and understand. 

4. Co-mmunicate

About one another’s challenges and sharing ideas.

2. Co-initiate

Bringing engaged stakeholders together to connect, explore the community’s collective change agenda, and identify shared interests and goals. 

5. Co-create

In such a way that we become stronger by facing obstacles together and being able to see opportunities in challenges.

3. Co-inspire

Discussing the past, and discovering various ways to heal alongside each other, nurture newfound confidence.

6. Co-invest

Identify the potential for human and natural resources to be shared and developed for the benefit of both the individual and collective. 

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