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Taking Notes


Ubuntu Workshops


What it really means to be an active citizen.

ReimagineSA hosted a series of workshops over 2 years with a handful of experts in their field attending Henley Business School. The focus: a different way of thinking about 'self' and our relationship with one another.



  • Management of Self: Being aware of skill capacity and embracing any limits as opportunity for growth.

  • Management of Attention: When it comes to inclusivity.

  • Management of Meaning: Communicating dreams, ideas, visions and desired states.

  • Management of Trust: Being consistent, focused and deliberate in action.


The essence of impact is doing things in a new way. Impact cannot happen in isolation, it requires collective action.Honest conversations were had: 


  • Participants felt that public institutions were missing this approach.

  • Solving society's problems without first understanding everyone's perspective needs to change. The more perspectives on the same situation the deeper the understanding. (Not only of the true nature of the problem but lasting ways to solve it.)

  • Strategic change means all South Africans can enjoy the benefits of inclusivity.

​What we learned:

Henley's post-grad diploma in leadership and management has an Action Learning component. As part of the programme, students work with community-based organisations. This includes offering recommendations for support. After the tenure however, there would be no way to manage expectations created. There would be no follow-through.  This would have an impact on communities ability to trust in the future.


Our case study on the Renewal Programme shows the importance of taking  time to build - and keep trust. Read more about how meaningful change leaves no one behind.





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