Reimagining the potential in our   communities with the help of  data and information systems  management. 



South Africa has the opportunity to leverage the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in record low interest rates and the urgency to capitalise micro, small and medium-sized businesses to stimulate the economy. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible beyond the confines of material assets through the value of infinite data, MIX aims to serve the Investment Division’s broader strategic imperatives through:

  • Integrating the untapped potential of community entrepreneurs and small businesses into mainstream economies.

  • Initiatives on-boarding, performance tracking/monitoring, evaluating and reporting.

  • Influencing policy and decision-making in regions and communities, co-created with local knowledge systems.

  • Providing next-gen data to sensitise for conscious investing that impacts both bottom-up and top-down.

  • Vetting businesses by collecting data through utilising unemployed/ underemployed youth living in and around the township.



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Reimagining the Thembisa local economy: Business Hub #1 Thlakanya is now open!