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Marikana Renewal Programme


ReimagineSA has worked with Sibanye-Stillwater since December 2020 in support of efforts to Honour those directly affected by the tragic events of 2012; Engage transparently and constructively with those impacted by the lingering effects of the legacy of the Marikana Massacre, to better Create shared value with key community-based stakeholders invested in catalysing alternative economies that can stand independent of the current mining dependent economy.


The ReimagineSA team has played a critical support role in helping Sibanye-Stillwater initiate its plans to gradually evolve from programme catalyst of the Renewal Programme in 2020 to programme partner in a local social compact by 2025. Their goal for 2040 is to become patron to process of co-creating in aid of alternative economic development.


Marikana is a work in progress conversation illustrating what reimagining looks like through a business's relationship with their community.  Below are a series of clips from the website offering a chronicle of the journey thusfar, including excerpts from: 

  • The 3rd Annual Marikana Commemoration Lecture - 2022

  • Marikana Renewal Programme mult-stakeholder dialogue series: Pitso I - 2022

  • Marikana Commemoration - 2021

  • Marikana Renewal launch - 2021

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