Reimagining financial products and services that stand to accelerate South Africa’s capacity for revolutionary economic transformation -  without leaving anyone behind. 


The Division’s services advocate for the reimagining of financial policies that tend to exclude the majority from capitalising on risk and death to products that inspire individuals to invest in themselves through the following areas of focus:

  • Structuring of ownership/shareholder level transactions

  • Term of deals and flow of funds into business


1. /  Impact investors who share in the ethos of reimagining our economy.

  • Instruments that create and sell securitisation.

  • Securities in the form of Valuated Risk Profiles packaged through financial institutions.

  • Transactions facilitated through an online market place.

  • Short, medium and long term options for investors who want to shift from passive instruments engagement to become active catalysts for economic transformation.

  • UNSDG alignment and goal interrelationship-impact.

  • Advisory services for individuals who wish to expand their portfolios/invest in new business sectors but don’t have sector expertise required. 

2. /  Small, medium and larger type businesses operating in an around the township and surrounding suburbs.

  • Access to funding for businesses in growth phases whose risk profiles are deemed too high to offer injections.

  • Business development services including accounting.

  • Fundraising support services

3. /  Corporate entities and relevant institutions

  • Merger and Acquisitions advisory services.

  • BEE transactions


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