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Accelerating Inclusive Social Housing in South Africa

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ABSA.               2019- Workshop.              2021- Webinar & Podcast

The Accelerating Inclusive Housing in South African dialogues brought together social housing activists, professionals, beneficiaries, academics and public officials to share their perspectives.

The first dialogue was held at a conference prior to Covid in 2019, followed by a webinar and podcast in 2020. To gain a clearer understanding of the past, present, insights include findings from partner papers on Land Reform, Land Redistribution, and Tenure Security in an urban context.

Key Finding: The process of ‘walking together’ as government, business and civil society means revisiting existing frameworks and tools through a collaborative lens. Taking even the smallest of steps in the right direction can make significant impact for future generations. To succeed, the conversations we have as South Africans need to constructively help those working toward a vision of equality.

Possibility: Addressing the mixed legacy of our nations’ inherited challenges poses an opportunity to commit to a journey of conscious healing. Together we can evolve the way we govern, enrich the way we relate to one another, and in doing so bridge the economic divide.

Learning: Covid-19 has compelled our globalising world to become familiar with the implication’s terms such as “complexity”, and “interdependence”. In this context, it is important to view social housing as an ecosystem with the ability to significantly impact everything from the development of alternative economies and education, to small business development, disaster mitigation, transport, and other infrastructural considerations.

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