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Club of Rome


Are our institutions weighing us down?

In 2018 ReimagineSA facilitated an international conversation for the Club of Rome Youth. 

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What we learned:

The voices in the room were worried that big organisations are all talk but no action.


We inherited oppressive systems that don’t encourage inclusive decision making. We also inherited the institutions that keep these behaviours in place. Over time, these agendas reinforced walls of red tape. Administrative burdens separate their agendas from the agendas of the collective.


The people in these institutions are bound by the old way of thinking and doing. Many have to make decisions that affect the lives of others, without their voice in the room. As a result, we keep going in circles.  Institutions who have inherited legacies of old systems find it hard to achieve their goals. Regardless of the resources at their disposal.

Where we are now:

Today the Club of Rome is actively pursuing various agendas that stand to impact the root causes. The organisation places strong emphasis on African youth liberating their own future. With this focus, ReimagineSA is partnering on a Systems in Learning Programme (SILP) experiment with Climate KIC.

In March 2023 we engaged our network of Cape Town-based organisations. Read about the experiment.

Club of Rome Youth Summit

Club of Rome Youth Summit

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