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partnering to inspire practical reimagining through smart resource-sharing networks. 

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The Experiment

How to shift a narrative.

We live in the most unequal society IN THE WORLD. For those willing to engage change, an inclusive economic, emotional and political journey takes time.


Our Advocacy division has been gearing up to find out how we can help tip the scales. To test our idea, we are asking ourselves: 

  • What are the countless individuals and organisations doing to reimagine SA?

  • What do they need?

  • How can dialogue help them to collaborate better? 

  • Who will join forces with us on our mission? 


The Plan

People and policy: closing the gap. 

ReimagineSA has dedicated in-house resources for bridging community interests with enabling policy. Our plan is to:

  • Unlock the potential of stakeholders to solve problems together.

  • Rally resources behind what works.

  • Open channels for information and resource sharing.

  • Manage these new channels for information and resource flow.

  • Find new ways of multiplying our resources.

  • Co-create models for governing together that outlast election terms.

  • Turn collective learning into policy action.

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