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Accessible, Interactive Policy Landscapes.



Moving forward in May 2023, as part of the Marikana Renewal Programme, ReimagineSA will convene a multi stakeholder dialogue with a socio-economic focus. Following the first dialogue aimed at honouring the Families of the fallen 44, in appreciating the physical nature of the community asset, Memorial planning offers an important opportunity to build an accessible platform that brings local stakeholders along.

Having established that the Memorial Park is relevant for Phase II as a transition from a particular stakeholder concern to host community concerns, it is thus a conduit to catalyse socio economic conversations in the community. This journey illustrates the importance of formalising multi stakeholder dynamics through the establishing an inclusive Renewal Advisory Committee (RAC). The intent of the Committee is to provide strategic oversight to development in Marikana and beyond.  


In this context, The Renewal Advisory Committee is akin to the Task Team structure, which provides preparation for formalised engagement in a community context. The Families Task Team structure thus signalled the importance of establishing a framework for the Renewal Advisory Committee, serving the need for:

(a) Managing contact with multiple stakeholders;

(b) An objective, independent structure that keeps the Renewal Programme inclusive as opposed to being governed or directed by any one particular stakeholder.


The work is now at a critical tipping point, whereby it can be viewed as an ideal case study for us all to test how to initiate, pilot, learn and scale dynamic multi-stakeholder programmes designed to benefit and sustainably be taken over by partner-beneficiary communities. 


In line with the University of Pretoria’s School of Public Management and Administration aim of delivering high-quality customised executive development courses, and focus on building frameworks for individuals doing their graduate work, the intent of the partnerships is to:

  1. Offer graduates exposure to the Renewal Programme case study as an environment for action learning.

  2. Contribute to the policy-related component of the Renewal Programme’s fundamental need for a multi-disciplinary approach, to help establish a structured process to facilitate knowledge-sharing and information exchange to advance and enable fair access to opportunities.

Understanding how to best engage the policy landscape and nurture information exchanges from local social compacting findings. A formalised research partnership aims to support in e
xploring opportunities to champion what works, and address potential gaps through the Letsema Process.


Community Trust Building

This builds on learnings from ReimagineSA's series of workshops at Henley Business School and the importance of ensuring that relationships formed with the community have follow-through and manage expectations created. 

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